The PCC would like to thank all givers for their gifts at this vital time.

God makes us robust

Psalm 41, verse 1:

Dignify those who are down on their luck;
you’ll feel good—that’s what God does.
God looks after us all,
makes us robust with life

As we look to the year ahead, I hope this verse may bring the encouragement of God’s generosity to you. Whilst the generosity of you all is incredible to see, the PCC are deeply aware that there are many challenges ahead. We can be heartened that so many people continue to choose to give, to give increasingly year after year, despite all the challenges.

We give thanks at the start of 2023 for every giver, whatever they give, and that as the Psalm shares, we can partake in the joy that God has as He delights in being generous to us; we, too, can delight in our generosity to others.

May we all be robust with life this year, be encouraged for the growth of regular giving at All Saints, and may our faith grow as each of us deepens our relationship with Christ.

You can click here to Give to All Saints .

Ways to Give Regularly 

Direct debit
It has never been easier to use the Parish Giving Scheme. Ring 0333 002 1271 just have your bank account details to hand and say you would like to make a monthly gift to the parish of All Saints Leavesden quoting the reference 320632231. You can also alter the amount of existing regular gifts.
It can all be set up in under 10 minutes or use the Parish Giving Scheme Website

Standing order please contact your Bank. PCC’s bank details are Lloyds Bank
sortcode 309921 Bank account number 02701885 Leavesden Parish Church,

Or contact us for help with other ways to give.

Many thanks to all who give with such generosity already. To those who don't, but could - please think, pray and act!