Bike and Hike - 12th September

What is it? – A fun opportunity to raise money for our own church, and for other churches. Beds & Herts Historic give grants to churches to help with repairs and restoration (- we at All Saints have benefitted more than once.) “Bike ‘n’ Hike” is their main method of fund-raising, and involves visiting churches by any means you wish (- not just cycling and walking!), and being sponsored. Half the money you raise is returned to your own church!

How does it work? – Participants receive an envelope containing instructions, a sponsorship form, and a list of participating churches and chapels in Herts & Beds. However, this year is different and you will not need to confine yourselves to churches on the list. Normally churches would be open or at least have a list to sign to record your visit. This year we are not expecting the churches to open: you go to the church, sign your own form, and maybe take a photo before moving on to the next one.

So, what do I need to do? – Contact Sue to obtain your sponsorship envelope which contains all the instructions, as well as your form. Collect sponsors – I have set up a “Just Giving” page, linked to the Beds & Herts Bike ‘n’ Hike “Just Giving” page, that you can direct your friends and relations to, as an alternative to having them write on your form. 

Plan your day. Have fun, stay safe. Go to “Bike ‘n’ Hike” website (or our “Bike ‘n’ Hike” Facebook page) for more inspiration. Post your photos there on your return and collect your money.

Help All Saints, Help other churches!