Give to All Saints

The PCC would like to thank all givers for their gifts at this vital time.

There will be many things that we are each thankful to God for.  As a church, we also have much to be thankful for: for God’s provision and protection over the last 18 months or so.  God has sustained us through a difficult season and some painful losses.  

Now that lockdown is lifted and life is slowly beginning to return to something like normal, it is time to take stock and focus our thoughts and prayers on how we move forward.   A lot of what All Saints normally does has been put on hold and now, as we begin to reopen, we need to look around at the world that has changed around us to see what is needed.  Our hope is that in a spirit of thankfulness, we will be a church community that is generously looking outwards; keen to provide practical support and keen to share the good news about Christ.    ‘Those who are generous are blessed because they share their bread with the poor’ 

However, at the moment, as a church, we are living beyond our means just to keep things ticking over.  This is not sustainable in the long term.  And we want so much more than to just keep things ticking over!  It would be wonderful if we could create a solid financial foundation for All Saints, one that frees us up to think big thoughts and dream big dreams.  We would love to see regular giving in the church increase, but not to build up our coffers, so that we can be a generous, outward-looking church.  We are very grateful to those that already give regularly to the church, thank you so much if that is youPlease don’t feel any pressure to give if you cannot afford to.  But if you can afford to and do not regularly give, then please prayerfully consider what you could give.  Or if you already give, are you in a position to increase your giving?

During the next few weeks, we will be thinking in church about the topic of thankfulness and generosity.  We are asking everyone if they might commit to spending some time to pray about this at home as well – that both as individuals and as a church we might grow in thankfulness and that we might understand what it means for us to live generously.  

Our God is a generous God.  He gives us so much, in fact, he has given us everything.  When we give joyfully and generously, we become partners in God’s generosity.  ‘Those who are generous are blessed because they share their bread with the poor’.  


You can click here to Give to All Saints .


Alternative Ways to Give Regularily  

Direct debit
It has never been easier to use the Parish Giving Scheme. Ring 0333 002 1271 just have your bank account details to hand and say you would like to make a monthly gift to the parish of All Saints Leavesden quoting the reference 320632231. You can also alter the amount of existing regular gifts.
It can all be set up in under 10 minutes or use the 

Standing order please contact your Bank. PCC’s bank details are Lloyds Bank
sortcode 309921 Bank account number 02701885 Leavesden Parish Church, 

Or contact us for help with other ways to give.

Many thanks to all who give with such generosity already. To those who don't, but could - please think, pray and act!