Relaxing of Covid Restrictions

Dear friends,

From the 19th of July the government significantly relaxed restrictions on churches. However, we are still required to make risk assessments and keep people safe, keeping in mind the most vulnerable members of the congregation.

In our services:

  • In line with guidance, we will continue to ask worshipers to wear a mask indoors, and respect other people’s personal space. 
  • For Track and Trace purposes please let us know if you plan to attend a service.
  • Communion will continue to be offered in one kind only.
  • The Peace will not be shared physically, and we ask that people remain in their pews.

We will be introducing changes slowly:

  • From the 25th of July we have reduced social distancing in church to every other pew. If you would prefer to keep distance from other worshipers, please talk to a sides person who will place ‘seat free’ markers next to you.
  • From the 1st of August we will reintroduce the singing of a hymn in church, increasing the sung content of the service throughout August as seems safe.

Other aspects of our worship, including the children’s involvement, servers and refreshments afterwards are being considered – and I look forward to updating you in the coming weeks.

With much love,

Fr. Eddie Green

Vicar, All Saints Leavesden.