Return to In Person Worship


Returning to In Person Worship

Dear Friends,

All Saints is keen to return to in person worship in a way that is both safe and accessible to as many members of the congregation as possible. In formulating a plan, several issues have been considered.

Firstly, although most older members of the congregation have received at least one dose of the vaccine many of our younger members have not, and some will not for some time. This includes many of our volunteers. Please also remember that some households have members who are still shielded (such as my own).

Secondly, our building is not easy to manage with limited space. Service attendance will still need to be pre-booked, and the guidelines strictly followed.

Thirdly, some people found following the guidelines difficult in the autumn, and others were made to feel uncomfortable by people removing their masks, walking about the church or not keeping 2m distance before or after the service. For everyone to feel welcome returning to church it is vital we all follow the rules

We therefore intend to offer the following portfolio of online, outdoor and indoor in person worship.

Good Friday    2nd April         10am            Children’s Easter Crafts in the Churchyard
                                                2pm – 4pm  Open Church and Churchyard with Reflections

Easter Day       4th April          10am          Streamed Easter Eucharist
                                                (musicians, readers & intercessors will be invited in person from now on)
                                                3pm            Outdoor Easter Eucharist in the Churchyard

Low Sunday     11th April        10am           Streamed Eucharist

Easter 3           18th April        8am             In Person BCP Communion
                                                10am          Streamed Eucharist & APCM

Wednesday     21st April         Noon           Midweek Communion followed by Open Church

Easter 4           25th April        8am             In Person BCP Communion
                                                10am          Streamed Eucharist

Wednesday     28th April        Noon            Midweek Communion followed by Open Church

Easter 5           2nd May          8am             In Person BCP Communion
                                                10am           In Person & Streamed Eucharist

Wednesday     5th April          Noon            Midweek Communion followed by Open Church

Easter 6           9th May           8am            In Person BCP Communion
                                                10am          In Person & Streamed Eucharist
                                                3pm            All Saints for All Seasons All Age Outdoor Service

This main midweek and Sunday pattern should continue going forward.

Other church gatherings, such as Lighthouse Café, Tots & Teddies, Cameo, Place, Home Groups and Lunch Club will re-open as guidance is updated and when leaders and volunteers feel entirely comfortable to do so.

As Vicar it important to me that our ministry team, standing committee and volunteers as well as all worshippers feel safe, and that online worship continues to be available too. This plan has been formulated considering the needs of the whole body of the church.

We have been instructed by the local council that:

As faith leaders, you need to make sure staff and worshipers who use your premises are kept safe at all times. Whilst engaging in any activities at the place of worship or surrounding grounds, all parties must comply with the law and adhere to social distancing guidelines to help protect our community.

It is still recommended, that where possible, places of worship continue to stream worship and other religious events online to avoid large gatherings and also to continue to reach individuals that are self-isolating or are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.

As a ministry team we are also available to bring communion at home or garden, for those who are unable or feel uncomfortable attending worship together. Please contact the parish to arrange a time.

Thank you all for your patience, generosity and commitment over the last year. It has not been easy, and many challenges lie ahead – but I am confident that God is with us.

With much love,

Fr. Eddie Green

Vicar, All Saints Leavesden.