Reopening of our Church Building

Reopening of our Church Building
Church buildings can now be opened for public worship from 4th July, as long as this can be done safely, following recent announcements by the Government and Church of England.
All Saints PCC have undertaken risk assessments, considered the guidelines, the welfare of our ministry team and congregation, and the practicalities of our church buildings and we have agreed to gradually start reopening in stages as follows:
Private prayer – we are planning to open the church to enable private prayer in the Lady Chapel by appointment for 1 person (or household) at a time.
  • ·       Offered from 13th July (subject to availability).
  • ·       You will be shown where to sit (according to social distancing).
  • ·       Candle lighting will be by the welcomer only.
  • ·       A record will be kept of all visitors and kept for 21 days (for contact tracing).
  • ·       No access to toilet facilities.

Home  Communion – the ministry team are planning to offer home communion in a garden setting for 1 person/1 household by appointment from week commencing 13th July (subject to availability).
Public Worship – the ministry team are planning to offer a short, said Eucharist service in the main body of the church at 8am on Sundays.
  • ·       Offered from Sunday 2nd August.
  • ·       You can enter by yourself or with your immediate household and you will be shown where to sit.
  • ·       Numbers limited to 30 to allow for social distancing and hygiene measures.
  • ·       In the main body of the church (no access to Lady Chapel)
  • ·       A record will be kept of all visitors and kept for 21 days (for contact tracing).
  • ·       You will leave immediately after communion without returning to your seat.
  • ·       No access to toilet facilities.

There will be signage in the Church to confirm the PCC have read and complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 in places of worship and what we have done and what we expect the congregation to do.
Live Streaming (Website & Facebook) - the 10am Service will continue to be live streamed for the foreseeable future. We will start streaming from the Church again within the next few weeks, which will allow more members of the ministry team (and other contributors) to assist with the broadcast if they are able to.
What the PCC  have done:
  • ·       We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment
  • ·       We have cleaning, hand cleansing and hygiene procedures in place, in line with Government and Church of England guidance
  • ·       We are taking all reasonable steps to maintain social distancing between all users of our church

What we expect from you:
  • ·       Do not come to church (or arrange a home visit) if you are feeling unwell or have experienced any COVID-19 symptoms in the past seven days
  • ·       Take responsibility for your own safety and that of your household and other people by maintaining social distancing and observing all hygiene measures
  • ·       Ensure children are supervised at all times

Summary of guidelines and considerations:
  • ·       Social distancing and Public Health requirements must be met.
  • ·       The two-metre ‘rule’ applies for public worship except in situations where closer contact cannot be avoided; extra precautions must then be taken.
  • ·       Maximum of 30 people but consider keeping numbers below the maximum possible to further minimise risk.
  • ·       Wearing of face-coverings is voluntary.
  • ·       Those at extra risk and the ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ should be advised of the risks of attending public worship, but a decision to do so is theirs alone.
  • ·       Government guidance includes a request for names of attendees to be recorded and kept for 21 days to assist ‘track and trace’.  
  • ·       Singing, chanting, playing of brass/woodwind instruments not recommended.
  • ·       Holy Communion can be held if specific guidance is followed, including the continued suspension of the Common Cup.
  • ·       Public worship guidance includes surrounding grounds (including churchyards, car parks and courtyards);
  • ·       Meetings elsewhere should follow guidance for people meeting in public spaces.
  • ·       Refreshments will not be available.
  • ·       No access to toilet facilities as the Hall remains closed

Further details will be published once arrangements have been finalised