Communion, from Home to Home

Over the last few weeks All Saints has been discovering what it means to be a church that worships outside of its historic building. This is not a new experience for us as a church community - whilst the work to the roof was done we met together in the hall for worship.

If you have been able to join with us on Sundays through Facebook you will have found the community of All Saints thriving as we greet one another and share worship together. Even if you are only able to watch the service on our website I hope that you have been contacted by members of the ministry team and been in contact with the church family.

In our sharing of worship together we have taken a particular approach. As members of the church are sat in their homes, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, we have streamed worship as if we were gathered together for a Home Communion. As a church we deeply value our sacred space but recognise that we are not broadcasting church, but rather meeting as church, distanced yet together, from Home to Home.

In this the Offering is made, Spiritual Communion shared, the Gospel proclaimed.

The Bishops have now relaxed their restrictions on live streaming from church, but following discussion with the Ministry Team and Standing Committee we will continue to stream worship from Home to Home as All Saints until we are able to gather together in All Saints building.

With much love,

Fr. Eddie