Christmas 2018 At All Saints

Join us this Christmas at All Saints.
Sunday 16th December:
6.30pm Carol Service
Thursday 20th  December:
6.30pm Leavesden Green Hub Carols
Christmas Eve: 3pm Crib Service 11.30pm Midnight Mass Christmas Day: 8.00am Holy Communion 10am Family Communion

Sue's Prayer Page - December

Christmas, when we remember God’s gift to us of His Son, our Saviour, so we celebrate by the exchanging of gifts. This idea, gleaned, I think, from a Guide training, reminds us of another way we can give a gift, the gift of our love, because Jesus is Love, as the Xmas carol reminds us, “Love came down at Christmas, - - “.

You find, or make, a small box, and wrap it and tie ribbon round it so that it resembles a present. We were given printed labels to tie on: mine had this ‘verse’:

“I took an ordinary box as empty as can be;
I filled it with a special gift and wrapped it carefully.
But please don’t ever open it, just leave the ribbon tied,
And hold it tightly near your heart because my love for you’s inside!”

I wonder if you could turn the verse you write on your label into a sort of prayer asking for a special gift from God for your friend? To know that someone is praying for you is very special.

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