Christmas 2018 At All Saints

Join us this Christmas at All Saints.
Sunday 16th December:
6.30pm Carol Service
Thursday 20th  December:
6.30pm Leavesden Green Hub Carols
Christmas Eve: 3pm Crib Service 11.30pm Midnight Mass Christmas Day: 8.00am Holy Communion 10am Family Communion

A Christmas Message

Christmas is different for each of us. For some it is a a flock of family arriving, feeding and fun. For some there is sadness of absent friends and those we love but see no longer. For some it is a quiet day with nearest and dearest.

We all do different things and have different feelings about Christmas. And that is okay.

This week I listened to Year 7 pupils from Francis Coombe Academy talk about their Christmases. Gifts and gift giving certainly featured, although they shared how time with family was more important than pressies! Church and Jesus were there too for these young people - how God came as a babe to offer himself fully for us, so we could share life with God.

My message for Christmas for each of us is this.

Jesus is with us.

Jesus is with us when the sprouts burn on Christmas morning. Jesus is with us when we discover batteries are not included. Jesus is with us when we wish Aunty Mildred really hadn't gone there over Christmas dinner. Jesus is with us if we are tired, sad, joyful or all three at once at Christmas. Jesus is with us if we feel alone, overwhelmed, comforted or loved.

May each of you know Jesus with you this Christmas, and always.

Much love,

Fr. Eddie

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