Sue's Prayer Reflections - November

A few weeks ago I responded to an e-mail. It was an invitation to anyone who may be interested in the formation of a Christian Contemplation group in the Watford area. As I am interested in a variety of approaches to prayer, I went along to an introductory meeting at St Helen’s. After tea and introductions, Fr Robin Burgess, a priest attached to the Benedictine Parish of Ealing Abbey, explained the background to the development of Contemplative Prayer, and then led us in a 20 – 30 min. session. One of my books describes contemplation as the stillness we need to be aware of God’s presence. An exercise also uses the phrase “Centering Prayer” whose sole intention is to be in the presence of the living God. After a brief prayer of intention, Fr Robin sounded a little gong and we spent the next 20 mins. or so sitting comfortably in silence saying a chosen sacred word – in this case, Marantha, over and over to ourselves, allowing it to be the only thought in our minds. Then the gong sounded again. Afterwards we were invited to share how this exercise had felt. I agreed with the contributor who mentioned the benefit of doing this together – even though we were each silent!

As I said, there is a possibility of setting up a group to do this regularly. If you would like to learn more, let me know.

Sue Oxlade

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