Christmas 2018 At All Saints

Join us this Christmas at All Saints.
Sunday 16th December:
6.30pm Carol Service
Thursday 20th  December:
6.30pm Leavesden Green Hub Carols
Christmas Eve: 3pm Crib Service 11.30pm Midnight Mass Christmas Day: 8.00am Holy Communion 10am Family Communion

Sue's Prayer Reflections: October


“No man is an island” wrote John Donne.
In chapter 2 of Genesis, God says, “It is not good for Man to be alone.”

If the leader at the Prayer Meeting said, “Let us pray for the unemployed”, or “Lord, we bring before you the plight of the refugees”, I expect you would say, “Amen”. However, if we do not have experience of these and many other situations for which prayer is needed, our prayers may feel rather hollow. If we can identify an actual person, it becomes much easier.

Here the media comes to our aid – think of the effect that pictures of the child’s body washed up on the beach in Turkey had on our perceptions of the refugee crisis. At the last Churches Together planning meeting, we vowed that every Monday we would pray for Jane Robson, who was Minister at Kingswood Baptist Church, as she waits for God’s call to the next stage of her ministry – Jane, who we know and love.

It’s a bit like doing a jigsaw – all those pieces of sky, or roof, or - - : then you recognise a piece, and you can join it to what you already have, and gradually the picture emerges and makes sense. Maybe you could do this in your mind, - or you might like to actually cut out some  jigsaw puzzle shapes, - put your own name or picture on one, then join others to it with the names or a picture of people representing the situation for which you wish to pray.

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