Christmas Means

For Christians Christmas is about the journey that God makes. God comes to us.

Rather than us as human beings reaching out to try and touch God, God reaches out and touches us amid the mess and dirt of human life. Among the animals Jesus is born and laid in a manger.

And it means this. God understands; God understands what it is to be human, to grow up, to feel sad, happy, lonely, and insecure, to feel pleasure and joy. And in that understanding we can meet with God. We can encounter God just as Mary and Joseph, Shepherds and Magi did 2000 years ago.

My prayer for you this Christmas is this. That you encounter God. Be it in the singing of carols, the gathering of family and friends, the sharing of food and presents, or in worship in Church. For this is the simple meaning of Christmas.

God is with us and we can know him. We can share Life with God.

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