Sue's Prayer Reflections October

Something to do

This month’s idea comes from several sources. The 17th century French monk, Brother Lawrence, working in the monastery kitchen, found it just as easy to converse and pray to God there, as in church. Pat, leading the mid-week service at my friends’ church last week, included a prayer/poem which used each day’s activity as a starting place for a prayer: Monday: Washing Day and being cleansed from sin, etc. One week last month in the Tearfund Prayer Diary, each day took a different regular activity such as cleaning our teeth, going to school, etc., as a reminder to pray for those who may not have easy access to water, education, etc. So that is this month’s suggestion, that you choose some everyday activities, and use them as a starting point for prayer, either for yourself, or for others whom the activities remind you of. If you would like to write them down, maybe next month we could gather together and pray each other’s prayers.

Something to pray for

Please read and pray about the need for action on Climate Change, and Christian Aid’s Hunger for Justice campaign.

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