Sue's Prayer Reflections August

Something to do

- Choose a spot that may be special for you: maybe a corner of your garden, or a seat in the park, or a church, or - - - ; or if you are away on holiday, maybe a place with a beautiful view, or a beach, or - - - . Spend time there praying, thinking, listening, meditating, knitting, reading, - - - . Buy a post-card of that place, or draw it, or take a photo, - On the back of the card maybe write about how you feel when there, or copy a poem about that place, or write a prayer, or - - -. When back in the busy world, use the card to remind you of the quiet times in that special place. Next month there will be the opportunity to share those special places.

Something to pray for

  • Remember friends and family away on holiday, that it will be a time of enjoyment, & relaxation, and that they will be safe.
  • Remember those who cannot manage to go away, that they too will be able to find fun and a chance to rest at this time.
  • Remember the organisations who work to provide holidays for those in need.

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