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Sue's Prayer Reflections: July

This month’s suggestion is shamelessly lifted from the back of the current Christian Aid Prayer Diary (free from Christian Aid).

In the warmer months this prayer could be done perhaps on your lawn, or in the park, (or on the beach?), but be careful! Remove your shoes and socks, and feel the ground beneath your feet. Thank God for the earth you are standing on, part of the wonder of creation. Slowly begin to walk. With each step, think about the impact your lifestyle has on the planet, - and with the next step, ask God’s forgiveness for our reckless disregard for the effect of our actions, and ask God to show us ways to reduce that impact. If barefoot walking is not possible, even an ordinary walk gives the chance to think about how we are connected to the earth.

Welcome to Ruth Barr

Ruth will be joining us from mid July. She writes:

I’m a 52-year-old lady who still thinks I’m an 18-year-old girl! Why else would I wait until this stage in life to embark on my hardest journey yet, that of training to be an ordained priest in the Church of England? I have just completed the second of three years study at St Mellitus College, London, which is a BA Hons degree course in theology alongside the formation to priesthood.

In my spare time, I’m a wife to my best friend, John, and mum to two older teenage boys, Josh and Zander, who keep me ever busy. I also work part time at a Primary School in Maple Cross supporting special needs children. I support my mum who’s heading towards her 91st birthday and needs a bit of extra help these days but is clinging onto her independence.

As part of my formation, I have been asked to become part of a church life in a context different from my own, and have already felt so welcomed in my two visits to All Saints, so thank-you for that. I currently worship at St Andrew’s Chorleywood (when I’m not away with the college,) and have been an adult member there for 25 years.