This Sunday at All Saints

This Sunday at All Saints we welcome Bishop Michael for our Patronal Festival
and the Baptism of Dorothy Eve. Bring and share lunch to follow!

8.00am BCP Eucharist
10.00am All Age Eucharist with Baptism
12.00am Bring and Share Lunch
6.30pm Evensong

Light House Cafe

The Lighthouse Cafe meets at the Leavesden Green Community Hub on Mondays during term time, between 10am and 12pm.

In partnership with the Watford Community Housing  Trust. Everyone is welcome.

Dear Friends - We Believe

When I became an Anglican in my 20's one of the things that immediately struck me was the use of the creed in worship. My non-conformist background had relied on a range of worship songs and hymns to corporately express the basics of the Christian faith, and to be fair they varied in quality and orthodoxy! The creed is not just a dry statement of facts; just like those worship songs and hymns it is an act of faith and worship in itself.

The Nicene creed we use most Sundays was formulated in 381, based on an earlier creed of 325. It was forged in the fires of heresy and controversy but is unique in being embraced by all streams of apostolic Christianity – Western European (Roman Catholic) , Eastern (Orthodox) and Far Eastern (Syrian and further to the east – what we used to call Oriental Orthodox).

This universality is expressed for us in the way we begin the creed: "We Believe". The creed can be used in both "I" and "We" forms. The Church of England's preference for "We" in modern services expresses the corporate nature of the creed. That belief is not a purely private matter, but something that we share others. For me the creed is something I can say with confidence, but where we struggle with elements of the creed "We" are supported by others, the weight of belief being shared among many members: millions of Christians world wide.