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A man sick for 38 years. A woman who opened her household to the message of Jesus. What can these people teach us about our generous response to God? Find out this Sunday at All Saints.

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Sue's Prayer Reflections: March

I expect when you go on holiday, you have all sorts of preparations, lists of ‘things to do’, etc. before you go. Even with other events, there is plenty to do when getting ready for them. Of course, this applies to our Church activities as well. I was reminded of this on discovering that for this year’s Easter Monday Pilgrimage to St Albans Abbey, special prayers are being suggested to use on the way and beforehand.

At this time of the year, there are so many services and other activities to look forward to at Church. Equally, your own diary or household calendar is likely to be just as full. May I suggest that all these events will go much better when offered to God, and rooted in prayer. This can happen in the run-up to the event, and also in a few quiet moments before it actually starts. That way even those not actually taking part can be involved. What I am suggesting is that you pray with your diary and the Prayer & Information Sheet in your hand.